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described by fellow passengers as rough looking when they boarded. >> they were pretty jacked up on the plane, you know. they were using heavy medication. >> reporter: according to the police report, as the plane taxied, jonathan baez was asleep in his seat. a flight attendant tried to wake him and tell him to buckle up. he did not respond. >> two guys appeared to be either intoxicated or on drugs or something. and it looks like the pilot needed to go back and take care of it. >> reporter: after more attempts to wake him, baez finally woke up and the pilot told him because of his condition, he had to get off the plane. but according to the police report, as he was being escorted out, his brother luis joined him, yelling at the pilot, quote, if you come to san juan, i will have you killed. the report lists both men from puerto rico. >> they are saying they are arguing with the captain. they did not want to leave and they did not want to get off the plane. and then one of the guys punched the captain right in the eye right here on his face.
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>> reporter: the pilot backed off, passengers said the brothers chased him and continued beating him. these pictures taken by another passenger show what happened in the terminal. >> they did pursue him multiple times and go after him. but like i say, he did fight back as well to some degree. but there were two of them. >> that's when everybody jumped up and the guys along with myself that jumped up to head to the front to help out the situation, we kind of waited to see what was going to happen and he struck the officer again. and then he struck one of the ladies there again. >> there was a scuffle that took place. so about three or four of us went out there and tackled the guy, subdued him, got him on the ground. >> reporter: the pilot was treated for cuts and bruises and what the police report wrote was possible permanent eye damage. in the meantime, american airlines says those two brothers are on their "no fly" list. reporting live at san francisco international airport, linda
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yee, cbs 5. well, the end game is at hand. and at this hour, there's a mad scramble on capitol hill. the republicans house speaker is trying to round up enough votes to pass his plan to raise the debt ceiling. a vote was set for earlier today. that is now delayed. jay dow on capitol hill tracking what's going on. i assume a lot of arm twisting behind closed doors, jay? >> reporter: well, that's what it seems to be. good evening to you, allen. it's unclear if at this hour whether the delay in voting for speaker boehner's debt plan is result of a lack of republican support or some kind of political play to push back the vote closer to an august 2 deadline to put pressure on democrats. reporter: house speaker john boehner's rewritten debt plan is up for a vote on the house floor. >> let's pass this bill and end this crisis. >> reporter: speaker boehner spent the last two days trying to rein in skeptical tea party republicans who say the bill's $917 billion in spending cuts
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still isn't enough. republicans and democrats clashed on the house floor as they debated the legislation that will raise the debt ceiling in two steps. >> i'm deeply concerned that the short-term plan offered by speaker boehner would put us right back here on the precipice of imminent default in just a few months. >> we are in an unprecedented period of time that is true, mr. speaker. we must act in an unprecedented way and that is to follow the bainer plan. >> reporter: democrats say speaker boehner's bill has no chance of clearing the senate but that does not mean republicans will have wasted their time. there is still a chance of final compromise that could be crafted from speaker boehner's bill and end the crisis before an august 2 deadline. senate majority leader harry reid says his debt plan represents a true compromise and is the best solution. >> economists have said that a short-term arrangement holds many of the same risks as a
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technical default. democrats are not willing to put our economy on the line. >> reporter: us treasury officials have already started deciding which bills will get paid and which ones won't if congress fails to raise the debt limit by tuesday. democrats appear to be waiting to see what happens with speaker boehner's bill. again, they are still firmly opposed to it. they promise it will die in the senate but then again, the democratic plan which is sponsored by senate majority leader harry reid isn't likely to get any support in the republican-controlled house. allen. >> quick question. it's after 8 p.m. back. there are they still expecting a vote tonight or tomorrow? do we know? >> reporter: we're expecting a vote later this evening. again, we do not know the exact nature of the delay. republicans are saying that they expect a vote later this evening. and democrats are voting -- promising to immediately take up that bill once it clears the house and kill it in the senate.
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>> thank you. you have heard the dire warnings, if the nation defaults on its debt. how would the financial crisis really affect you? juliette goodrich takes a look at the pocketbook impact. reporter: it's always a positive sign when new restaurants are being built offering hundreds of new jobs. >> you have seen our numbers in the company have gone back up. you know, much different from like the fine dining sector. >> reporter: but the reality, many people's lives are on hold as the nation's debt crisis drags on. >> there are people that have had their homes on the market before and they have actually pulled them off and just waiting to see what happens. >> reporter: the continued stalemate in washington, d.c. could pressure the markets and everyone's checkbook. >> don't panic. >> reporter: gary smith is a financial planner and says as for stocks... >> i think there's something like a decline of 20% in stocks, worst case. >> reporter: and credit cards? >> there's a potential for higher interest rates for all
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types of consumer debt. >> reporter: and your 401(k)? >> stable value funds wouldn't be particularly affected. >> reporter: his overall advice? >> be aware of how much risk you're taking in your investment accounts. >> reporter: this mother and daughter say they are cutting back when they can. here are some examples. >> i save lots of couponing where i never used to before like when the mailers come in you get the coupons out of mailer, buy one entree, get one free. >> it's scary, you know, not being able to like go out to dinner when we want. >> reporter: and according to financial planners, there are steps you can take day in and day out if this stalemate drags on. for one, pay our credit cards. if you do have a high interest rate on your home loan, try to refinance. day in and day out, carpooling and cutting back and clipping coupons and allen, well, you know, that singing and acting
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career you want? doesn't quit your day job. >> or my night job. thank you, juliette goodrich. san francisco police say they have recovered the gun used by a seattle man killed in a gun battle with officers. a neighbor led them to the pills stoll used by kenneth harding on july 16th. ballistics show the pistol was the same gun that fired the bullet that killed harding. but investigators say there's still more testing to do. >> that's part of the investigation to determine if there were fingerprints or physical evidence on the gun. that's going to be -- that's still part of the investigation. >> police also confirm the gun is the same one seen in this youtube video that was taken right after the gun battle. police say autopsy results show the suspect had likely shot himself while firing at police. other bay area headlines. a good samaritan shot while feeding the homeless in oakland has died. paris powell better known as brother john was handing out
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hot meals early yesterday morning when someone drove by and shot inside his van. powell was hit in the head. his 3-year-old stepdaughter was shot in the arm. and a bullet grazed his pregnant wife. they are expected to be okay. no arrests so far. there is a $25,000 reward for an arrest. and today pg&e started digging up an abandoned section of that pipeline exploded in san bruno. this part actually hasn't been used since the 1950s when the line was moved in a new location. state regulators ordered the utility to dig it up as part of the ongoing investigation into the disaster. bottles thrown, cars set on fire, party crashers turn on police. the drastic action taken to control the l.a. crowd. he was breathing but his eyes were rolling up. >> just in time, a man and his 6-year-old daughter are pulled from the bottom of the pool. the stranger who stepped in to save their lives. and accused of stealing from game show host alex trebek here in san francisco.
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what happened when she faced a judge today. ,, ,,,,,,
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silent. neighbors found a father and his young daughter having a fun in a swimming pool when suddenly their voices fall silent. neighbors found them at the bottom of the deep end. tonight father and daughter are alive thanks to the quick action of the neighbors. len ramirez on the team effort that saved them. len. >> reporter: well, the san jose fire department says about a dozen times this summer they get called out to pools to have to perform a rescue but in this case, the rescue had already been done. reporter: the inviting waters of this condo complex pool attracted swimmers today but it was very nearly a place of a double drowning. >> it's just luck for them and for us. >> reporter: it happened wednesday night when a father and daughter were playing in the pool as the sun went down. but neither knew how to swim.
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when their friend noticed still waters where the two were playing, he went to check and saw their motionless bodies at the bottom of the deep end. he jumped in and pulled the girl out first, then her father while the victims' wife and mother called neighbors to help. >> i heard my mom scream, and we went out, we saw that there was at least a couple of people in the pool. >> reporter: lynbrook high school teacher jeffrey bale literally jumped into action. he scaled the 7-foot iron fence around the pool to reach the people on the deck. he had just completed a cpr training course. >> mother of the girl said she didn't know how to do cpr, so i took over and within a minute or so, she was coughing up. and then we turned our attention to the man. >> reporter: another neighbor was already at work reviving the father. >> he was breathing but his eyes were literally rolling up. and then his wife was really concerned. and then i just gave him another c -- i'm not a cpr certified person but i gave him a little rub on his chest. >> reporter: by the time for a paramedics aarrived, the father and daughter had already come
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to. >> when you are thrown in a situation like that, you don't really know what to do so you just kind of let everything take over. fortunately i had the training enough times that i felt -- it was second natured nature. >> reporter: the father and daughter don't live in the complex. they were guests of the man who jumped in to rescue them. he did not want to be interviewed but like the other neighbors who got involved he is also being called a hero. >> had there not been someone strong enough and capable enough to get to the bottom of the pool it could have been a body recovery versus a successful rescue. >> reporter: and we are told both the father and the daughter have been treated at the hospital and have been released and they are now resting comfortablably at home. in san jose, len ramirez, cbs 5. well, the woman who allegedly tried to steal from jeopardy host alex trebek faced a judge this afternoon. 56-year-old lucinda moyers faces felony counts and is
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being held on $625,000 bail. she has two previous convictions. she may be tried under the "three strikes" law. he snapped his achilles tendon while running after moyers and is scheduled for surgery tomorrow. need welfare? you will need to take a test. the first state to make sure recipients aren't doing drugs. >> another hurdle for the unemployed. what many are demanding before you even apply. and mayhem at a hollywood movie premier. the tweet that may have sparked a near riot. ,,
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because of a twitter post-- hundreds of uninvited a near riot in hollywood outside grumman's chinese theater because of a twitter posting. hundreds of uninvited fans showed up to an invitation only film premier and they became unrulely. the question dave lopez asked, who is to blame for this? >> reporter: it took the lapd nearly two hours to disperse this mob that gathered in front of grumman's chinese theater yesterday. cell phone video posted on youtube shows the craziness that went on and except for three damaged patrol cars, there was very little property damage. only three arrests were made. but the big question today, can the finger of blame be pointed at deejay cascade, who apparently sent out a tweet at 2:30 telling everyone to come
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down and join the premiere of the electric daisy carnival experience? >> the prosecution would have to show that he intended to create a riot. >> reporter: according to his twitter account, this is what deejay cascade tweeted yesterday afternoon. quote, today at 6 p.m. in hollywood at man's chinese theater me plus big speakers plus music equals block party and his followers responded in a big way. did they ever. >> around 7:00, there was a mob of people flooding the streets and the sidewalk. >> people were so around me it got really bad. once people started ending up on the street because there was overfilling of people. >> reporter: who do you blame? >> uhm, kaskade. >> reporter: he was not arrested by the lapd but could he be held responsible because of that tweet? usc law professor jack lerner. >> you don't have any kind of incitement to lawless action. just saying we are going to have a block party and dance to music doesn't rise to the level
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of fire in a crowded theater. >> reporter: another night in hollywood but the difference here is both of these events are planned, must have a ticket. unlike last night. from hollywood, dave lopez, cbs 5. unemployment numbers may be looking up but a new trend is making it harder for people to land that job. that story leads today's consumerwatch headlines. >> reporter: some promising news today, liz. actually some good news for a change. the number of people applying for unemployment has dropped. applications last weekwere the low he was they have been in three months. but those who aren't employed are learning they may need to get a job to keep -- or they may be employed to get a new job. so our review of sites like and career builder found hundreds of employers are specifically seeking applicants currently employed or recently unemployed. we found these examples today for jobs ranging from food service to senior management. while it's not technically
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discrimination, because unemployment is not a protected status like age or race, many states are outlawing these types of ads. as of yet, california's not one of them. one option to get around the extended unemployment is take some classes or volunteer to keep that resume' current. in other consumer news, when the price of your nonrefundable plane ticket drops after you buy it, the airline should refund the difference, right? wrong. at least in many cases. airfare watchdog has compiled this easy-to-read chart of the good and the bad when it comes to refunds. now, some airlines will offer a voucher for the difference, a few including southwest and jetblue will give you your money back. but you have to know to ask. for a link to this list, head to and speaking of refunds, millions of passengers who purchase tickets before the july 22nd faa shutdown but are flying during the shutdown are entitled to a federal tax
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refund. that's because the government collects your taxes from the airlines after you fly which it can't do right now during the shutdown. but the airlines have already collected that money. so the irs says it has now asked the airlines to provide refunds when requested from passengers because, well, they don't have any information about when those tickets were purchased or any of those travel dates. but many airlines are refusing. united and delta say they are referring customers back to the irs. but american says it's, quote, looking into what we can do. if your airline refuses a refund, you can file a claim with the irs but you will have to submit that proof of purchase and, of course, those travel dates. >> thank you, julie watts on consumerwatch. if you do drugs and on welfare, you risk getting your benefits cut. it's the law actually in two states florida and missouri. they require drug testing during the welfare application process. and the new poll shows a majority of americans are fine with testing welfare recipients the rasmussen survey found 70% say benefits should be cut off
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if people test positive for illegal drugs. well, when it comes to headaches, how do you spell retree? >> how about a comprehensive new headache clinic in the bay area? dr. kim got a peek. reporter: from traffic jams to feeling really jammed. >> i think stress causes headaches. >> reporter: headaches affect up to 60 million americans. >> for me, it feels like somebody is pounding on my head with a hammer. >> reporter: the disabling condition pounds the u.s. economy to the tune of $30 billion a year in lost productivity and direct costs. >> the pain was so severe that you couldn't sit down. she just has to walk around. >> i have seen the headaches ruin marriages. >> reporter: now there's relief. a unique new headache clinic has opened up at stanford medical center. >> it's a comprehensive program and there really isn't anything else like in the area. >> reporter: a nationally renowned expert on headache care heads up the new clinic. he says the program is destined to integrate the latest thinking in diagnosis and treatment. >> this means we can offer
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complementary and alternative treatments like biofeedback and acupuncture. we can provide detox facilities for patients who are overusing medicine occasions for their headaches. >> reporter: since patients are unique, so too are the treatments. >> not everyone has the same tryingers to their headache. not everyone responds to the same medications in the same way. >> reporter: and these days, relief doesn't always come so easy. >> really loud noises and annoying people. >> reporter: now, this really is a mulletsty disciplinary approach. at the -- multidisciplinary approach. at the clinic you have brain specialists, clinical psychologists, sleep specialists, physical therapists and pain management specialists. they are really trying to cover all the bases when it comes to headaches. >> can't do anything about the annoying people. >> not much. [ laughter ] >> or the other stressors. it was warmer today across the bay area. now we are going to head towards the weekend. the day we could hear the thunder as eyewitness news
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continues route here on cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,
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the november ballot in san
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francisco. dge re-affirmed her a ban on male circumcision is dropped from the november ballot in san francisco. today, a judge reafirst lady her tentative ruling that under state law local jurisdictions have no right to regulate healthcare professionals. it would have made it a misdemeanor punishable with a fine and jail time. ballot supporters plan to appeal. >> nobody will rest until all men are protected from forced genital mutilation as women are rightly so in this country. >> the san francisco city attorney's office has joined several jewish organizations in challenging the ban in court. well, we're almost here to the weekend, roberta. can we look forward to some of that summer time weather? >> we had summer time weather today, root? this was the best six hours i spent today for admission to get into lake del valle and
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livermore. went swimming, went running. notice the trees waivering. the winds blowing west 18 miles per hour. compare that with this. looking out toward the golden gate bridgings from transamerica building where we have the low clouds and fog, the marine layer, pouring into the city of san francisco. we have clouds making it into the bay but sunshine inland and still 92 in concord. marine layer is marching inland again tonight at least a good 50 miles but it will be compressed by a ridge of high pressure so we should see earlier burnoff for friday but this is what i want to share with you. this is interesting stuff. computer models don't have a good handle on this at all. first of all, you look at this and you say, absolutely nothing is going on. but we have subtropical
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moisture monsoonal moisture right there out over the arizona area. one particular computer model wants to lift it up in a northerly direction and just nick our backyards like the east bay, the mount diablo area. so we have to put a chance of thunder in the sunday forecast, otherwise partly sunny over the weekend and temperatures still into the 90s inland. tonight 50s with mostly cloudy skies. north bay numbers tomorrow, 81 degrees in santa rosa compared to 68 degrees but sunny in sausalito. east of the bay the winds will blow out of the west at 15. number-wise up to 59 degrees for the warmest locations -- up to 95 degrees in the warmest locations. 86 san jose. garlic festival this weekend. expect temperatures in the 90s. the extend forecast calls for each and every day temperatures in the 90s inland but again that chance of thunder on sunday. stay with us. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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{ don standup tease} "i'm don ford at yosemite national park headquarters. why do park personnel noying noise as a i'm dana king. here's something we're working on for eyewitness news at 6:00. >> i'm don ford at the yosemite national park headquarters. why do park personnel say this annoying noise is the sound of freedom? i'll have the story coming up. >> and they have flown missions over afghanistan taken part in war games in malaysia. why is one california neighborhood being called too tough for the navy? that and more

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